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Our Mission

We plan to utilize innovations in software and hardware technologies to change the industry and to solve problems to make the perspective of technology more simple and refined

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Our Story

We are a business based out of New Jersey that dedicates our work and designs to our product in software and hardware form. Being in the field of technology for decades showed all the great things and wrong things about the current state of computing as it is right now.

That is where we come in.

We built Gigatech Advantage and its child company Gigatech Gaming to take all of those obvious flaws within the computer industry and innovate to change that. Not only are we extremely dedicated and passionate about our work but we want to push everything to its limits to find out what is possible.


Our industry experts and leaders work countless hours to reach our goals using the knowledge from decades of experience.


We utilize every bit of knowledge and sometime criticism to help us have a better understanding of not only technology but how to get results that make our business more efficient.

With no signs of stopping, we push everyday to hit milestones and create ambitious goals that with enough time and dedication will be achievable.


Experienced Leadership

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